PES 2017 VS FIFA 17 Comparison, What is the Best: Release Date, Price, Demo, Licenses, and New PC, PS4 and Xbox One

To date many fans of video games make the comparison PES 2017 vs. FIFA 2017 about which is the best among these, we propose an analysis of the price, demo and news, also we will tell you the release date of both the licenses and which can be downloaded to a PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

In recent weeks we have proposed offers and the most important news related to PES 2017 on the one hand, and FIFA 17 on the other hand, comparing the features of each of these games, we will try to interpret what characterizes them.
When they come out, and how much they cost Fifa 17 and PES 2017

Regarding the release date, FIFA 17 will be released from Thursday, September 29, two weeks before, that is, for 15 days, will be already out Pes 2017 and will be available for PC, PS3 and X-Box and 4.

For FIFA 17, however, the output will cover, in addition to PCs and Xbox One, PS4, while the price of the standard version, will be 59.90, 79.90 for the Deluxe, the latest edition provides 40 gold packages premium, selecting the best players of the week and the obtaining of exclusive content, to remember the demo already available from September 13th.

The price of Pes, instead of 49.90 for the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and One Pc respectively 40 and 50 euro, while the PS 4 69.99 costs, sales have already started, and can be booked, at cheap prices, directly on Amazon.

Among the features of both games, is so common, the proximity to the reality, in the case of PES 2017, through the Real Touch, you will have a greater difference on technical players, who will have a touch of the ball more effectively than previous versions.

As for Fifa 17, the main novelty is that the presence of a player invented, Alex Hunter, which will be followed in the course of his career, and even outside of the field, this game is also characterized by the images, Frostbite, allows in fact, a brighter light, through which you can better see the players.

For licensing, Pes 2017 having signed a contract with Konami has the unique ability to play the Champions League and Europe, also it allows you to have all the main Brazilian teams, and through a partnership with Barcelona, it will channel privileged with the Catalan team.

Separate discussion about what Juventus, as the Bianconeri, have entered into an agreement with EA Sports, FIFA’s main partners, and will therefore be forced to be present with Pes, under a different name, namely PM Black White.

Other official licenses related to FIFA 17, will cover the major European leagues, in addition to the Italian Serie A, there will be the exclusive Premier League, La Liga and the Bundesliga, namely the national reference tournaments of England, Spain and Germany.

Taking into account these variables between PES and FIFA, with all the pros and cons, and the differences between a video game and the other, the potential customer can decide which of these two the best choice is in his preferences, to perform in this way,. is our new website! We sold over 150 billion coins to 250,000+ customers. We have been trading in fifa ultimate team coins and Fut 17 Coins for 5 years now. We want our customers to feel safe when they buy fifa 17 ultimate team coins. We are always happy to talk to our customers and are easily accessible via our live chat client, email, and Facebook at anytime. Build your dream team now!

The Complete Guide of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Game III: Heavy Weapons

Want to be more powerful in CSGO game? Don’t worry about your wallet on buying the CSGO weapons. Check our online store to find Cheap CS GO Skins to buy to help you save your money. Today let us talk something about the heavy weapons in CSGO game.

1. Heavy weapons

Not going
8 Bullets / 7 sec.

The cheapest you can buy shotgun. It recharges manually, so it has very low rate. It is also vague and does not have much firepower for a shotgun, still can be lethal at close range and has good mobility.

7 bullets / 6 sec.

This semiautomatic shotgun that has a higher rate than other shotguns shot. Like all, it is short but lethal and can kill medium-distance whenever you have good aim.

Trimmed (Terrorist)
7 bullets / 7 sec.

It is the most powerful shotgun that you can get. It recharges manually, it is imprecise and has a low rate of fire. Of course, no one survives a shot with this weapon at close range.

Mag-7 (Anti-Terrorism)
5 round / 3 seconds.

One of the best shotguns, available only for counterterrorism. It has the same power as the cut of terrorists and a good rate of fire. The charger has 5 bullets and emptied quickly, so choose the right moment to pull the trigger.

100 bullets / 5 sec.

This heavy machine gun comes with a charger 100 bullets, enough to hold an army. It is useful for covering fire. The problem is that it has much recoil and low accuracy, making it difficult to aim for the head.

150 bullets / 5 sec.

This heavy machine gun is similar to the M249. It has a larger and more accurately charger, but lost firing rate.

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