The first 2k mt of James only shot twice

The first section of James only shot twice, but because of the 2k mt team’s high hit rate, the end of the first section to 34-22 lead opponents 12 points. Second section of the beginning, James to strengthen the 2k mt attack. And on a 8 penalty 7 in the performance of different, James today’s free throw percentage and returned to the “let opponents like to worry about me” state. The second quarter of the 2k mt he made a total of three defensive foul, but three are two free throws, which he himself shook his head again and again. The audience down, James 21 free throws lost 6, hit rate of less than 70%.

But in addition to free throws, Zhan Huang’s shooting rate is still as stable as 2k mt, this point from the three-point shooting rate can be seen. The second quarter once in the 2 note three points, one of which is the buy nba 2k mt of Ibaka’s defense dry pull out. The second half just three minutes, James in the arc outside to continue to fire, hit the team the second half of the first three points. The end of the game, James career playoffs third hit number has more than 300, the history of doing this only cheap mt coins, namely Ray – Allen, Reggie – Miller and Manu – Ginobili. Raptors inside Ibrahim today is LeBron’s main defender, but he did not seem to find a good way to prevent him, but in the strong impact of Zhanhuang again and again to eat deflated. In 2k mt to the first half was Zhanhuang Yan shot three points, the second half has also been made many defensive fouls (including a step on the line two minutes and a third foul), the audience Ibaka 5 fouls, almost full of get out of class.

Adams in the industry is not only nba 2k17 coins top defensive coach

Beijing time on May 4, Bay District media reported that in 2014, nba 2k17 coins – Cole became Warriors coach a month later, Ron – Adams became his assistant. Adams in the industry is not only the top defensive coach, his experience also gave Cole help for the first time. Now with Cole to treat back injury, Adams’s assistant object turned into a younger Mike-Brown. For other nba 2k17 coins, continue to be a supporting role may make him feel nba 2k17 coins. But in the eyes of Adams, to help others grow the same is worth it. After training on Thursday, Adams said: “I came to do these things, every year we have fire people.Whether Steve’s health or other problems, he will stand up the top coach of the work. The system has always been the cheap nba coins, this is never a problem.

69-year-old Adams has been a 48-year coach, across seven universities and eight NBA nba 2k17 coins. Last year, he also helped Luke Wharton. When it comes to the old colleague, Brown says, “His experience is so rich and experienced so much that he will pass on his experience and coolness to all of us. You have to appreciate this, especially at any time Is anxious moment, he will not panic. While James Harden surrendered his worst playoff percentage in his career, but it was not serious enough to need coach Mike D’Antoni to worry. “I’m not worried about James Harden’s condition,” he said after talking about the nba 2k17 coins’ defeat. “That’s the most troublesome trouble I’ve ever faced.” There was a question about Harden ‘s inadvertently twisting to the cheap 2k mt in the game, and Commander said it was not necessary to worry: “He’ s fine.

Rely on the power of the series will be dragged into the tiebreaker

Rely on the power of the series will be dragged into the tiebreaker, St. Paul ushered in the sixth career grab seven war, after 3 wins and 2 losses. Paul grabbed seven of which averaged 22.4 points and 9.6 assists, hit of 49.3%. You can see the key scenes of Paul without hesitation, including 2015 in front of Duncan beat the lore Spurs. The current round of the series so far, Paul averaged 27.3 points and 10 assists, hit 52.5%. Paul came up today to open the offensive mode, the team carried on the shoulders. Signs of the cross in the nba 2k17 mt seller to open the goal, after breaking the small cast sharp, retreat three points long shot piercing, crossover singled out Hill very easy. Paul section 7 vote 4 to get 9 points and 2 assists, the Clippers were able to draw 24-24 jazz.

Perhaps the first section of the early consumption of their own physical, the next three Paul’s offensive section as a section. Sub-section 3 vote 1; the third quarter 5 vote 1, left 11 minutes 14 seconds layup is Paul the last time the field; distal most vigorous time, Paul 4 vote in 0. The last three total 12 vote 2 only 4 points. The Clippers lost the main points, the score was gradually opened, was 21 virtual coins 2k17 behind. Did not turn on the score on the turn of Paul through assists to drive his nba 2k17 coins kaufen. Clippers last three sports warfare scores are Paul’s assists, Reddick final 3 minutes 28 seconds before the third hit, the Clippers once chase to 8 points. Unfortunately, Paul missed, no second scoring point to come out to save the team, the Clippers can only regret to accept a defeat, the end of the season journey.