the Rockets headed home guard James Harden revealed that he nba 2k17 coins in the third war of the Thunder

In an interview after the game, the Rockets headed home guard James Harden revealed that he was in the third war of the Thunder sprained his ankle, which affected his play. In the game, Harden’s hit rate is not very good, 16 shot only 5 nba 2k17 coins (three-pointers 7 vote 0), get 16 points. This is his lowest score in the current round of the series. When it comes to the impact of injury on their own, Harden said: “This is really very difficult.” But Harden also said to actively face, “We will not make excuses .We have to do is play to play, Do what we have to do, win the game. At the same time, as he nba 2k17 coins always insisted, Harden will be against the injury caused by credit to their own team and teammates. “We have established trust with each other and we trust each other all day,” he said, “and for this reason, when such difficulties are encountered, my teammates will stand out, just like tonight.”

His teammates did not live up to his trust. The game, in Harden’s poor performance, the team center inside the outstanding performance, the whole nba 2k mt for sale 12 of 12 shots, won the team’s highest 28 points to help the team won the victory. Harden’s another teammate, the nba 2k17 coins sixth of the year’s strong contender, Eric – Gordon in an interview also mentioned the Rockets help each other. “You must always be ready to stand up and you never know when the team will need you.” Eric Gordon said, “he (Harden) had some slowness at the 2k mt for sale. Everyone will encounter something, he seems to be ankle injury, and that is the need to have other nba 2k17 coins stand out of the moment.We are always ready to support each other. “We have a lot of players who can make a contribution, and we will never put everything on a player,” Gordon said.

the Green Army in this section 7 nba coins 26 seconds left the score

The second half easy side battles, the Celtics up to set off points, a small Thomas feel recovery, even in the two goals, under his leadership, the Green Army in this section 7 minutes 26 seconds left the score chase 60-62 The Butler immediately labeled as 2 + 1, then he hit a stable three points, leading the Bulls to play a wave of 17-5, Long made fouls made two free nba coins, the Bulls to 79-65 lead. The two sides then formed a tug of war, the last round of this section, Bradley gave Maika Wei a big hat, Claude fast-break dunks succeeded, the nba coins of the third quarter, the Celtics to 75-86 behind The

Distal, the two teams in the offensive end to start a stalemate, Smart in this section 7 minutes 16 seconds left soared in the third, the Celtics to 86-95 behind. Since then, Wade to come forward, even the three goals, including two notes three points, led the Bulls to play a wave of 10-0 offensive, the nba coins will be split to 19 points instantly. The final Celtics chase points, give up nba vc game in advance to 97-111 loss to the Bulls, the total score 0-2 behind. Beijing time on April 19, the NBA playoffs nba coins, the Raptors sat at vc coins with the Bucks series of the second contest, with Lori last 8.9 seconds of the key jumper, the Raptors to 106-100 win Opponents, the success of the series will be converted into 1-1 score.

The bulls fall into the trap of mistakes and mistakes up to seven times

Sub-section back, the first 20 cheap mt coins, Valentine hand slip the ball, was stepped away by Goodwin. 2 minutes and 42 seconds, Jerry – Grant assists, Felicio hit a jumper. 10 minutes 25 seconds, Lever in Robin – Lopez shot foul, give the Bulls 2 free throws. Bulls to strengthen the defense, this section of the team completed a total of 6 steals. The bulls fall into trap of mistakes and mistakes up to seven times. Halftime, the Nets to 51-45 temporarily lead.

Easy to battles, the first 2 minutes and 11 seconds, Mi Luo Diqi mistakes passing, was Lin Shuhao steals. 2 minutes 28 seconds, Lever sent a fine pass, Jefferson hit a jumper. 5 minutes 23 seconds, Lever foul in shot, give nba mt for sale Bulls 2 free throws. Bulls feel quite good this section, the team shot rate of 65.22%, compared 37.04% of cheap nba mt Nets even better, which Butler only this section to get 11 points. Three finished, the Bulls will go back to 82-75 score.