The Complete Guide of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Game III: Heavy Weapons

Want to be more powerful in CSGO game? Don’t worry about your wallet on buying the CSGO weapons. Check our online store to find Cheap CS GO Skins to buy to help you save your money. Today let us talk something about the heavy weapons in CSGO game.

1. Heavy weapons

Not going
8 Bullets / 7 sec.

The cheapest you can buy shotgun. It recharges manually, so it has very low rate. It is also vague and does not have much firepower for a shotgun, still can be lethal at close range and has good mobility.

7 bullets / 6 sec.

This semiautomatic shotgun that has a higher rate than other shotguns shot. Like all, it is short but lethal and can kill medium-distance whenever you have good aim.

Trimmed (Terrorist)
7 bullets / 7 sec.

It is the most powerful shotgun that you can get. It recharges manually, it is imprecise and has a low rate of fire. Of course, no one survives a shot with this weapon at close range.

Mag-7 (Anti-Terrorism)
5 round / 3 seconds.

One of the best shotguns, available only for counterterrorism. It has the same power as the cut of terrorists and a good rate of fire. The charger has 5 bullets and emptied quickly, so choose the right moment to pull the trigger.

100 bullets / 5 sec.

This heavy machine gun comes with a charger 100 bullets, enough to hold an army. It is useful for covering fire. The problem is that it has much recoil and low accuracy, making it difficult to aim for the head.

150 bullets / 5 sec.

This heavy machine gun is similar to the M249. It has a larger and more accurately charger, but lost firing rate.

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