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Messi hats into the Champions League group stage first person shooter scored seven goals highs

At Barcelona 4-0 away victory over APOEL , the next round will be with Paris Saint-Germain vs. contention to top the group. Macy game into the spotlight again, he scored a hat trick, Raul held beyond the Champions League scoring record of history, got the top spot in the Champions League top scorer. Suarez scored the first goal after joining Barcelona, ??Rafinha and Guilherme teams each sent off.

This is destined to be a part of the game Messi, Messi in the Champions League for the first time as captain, the luck again favored the Barcelona striker. Only the opening 131 seconds, Suarez Zhisai Road Closed unmarked Messi low shot was blocked Pardo. The first 38 minutes, Rafinha long-range left foot from outside the area, APOEL goalkeeper Pardo subconscious toward the lower left corner, but Messi has a right to take advantage of the block in a small restricted line, the ball flew into the goal right lane change lower corner. Messi scored in the Champions League which is the first 72 balls, which goes beyond the 71 balls Raul, became the Champions League top scorer.

APOEL initiative to attack in the second half, which is contrary to the Barcelona players more offensive space. Alves 58 minutes pass, Messi face of attack Pardo right foot easily Tuishe. This is the 20th Messi scored twice in the Champions League, which go beyond C Ronaldo, scored twice to become the highest number of players in the Champions League. In the final stage, Messi again showed his football IQ, when the ball Mascherano, Messi did in an offside position the ball, but when Pedro bottom line return, Massey Road easily push Kongmen succeed. Macy fifth hat-trick in the Champions League, the Champions League is also among the top, followed by the three hats Inzaghi, Adriano and Gomez.

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Balotelli At The End Of First Half And Pepe Swapped Shirts

The last round of the English Premier League missed open goal, has pushed Balotelli to the media on the edge of a cliff, but this morning the Champions League defeat to Real Madrid.Would you like to know something new in regards to the fifa 15 coins ? And then come to our website to get the lattest innformation regarding the cheap fifa 15 ultimate team coins .Have a good time !Balotelli again unsuccessfully no contribution, as most major suit on the front of the players at half-time, he was commander in chief Rodgers is changed directly, removing the shirt and Pepe in the episode, Rodgers for the bar of God to lose confidence is not a small reason.

The whole game, Liverpool 12 shots, Real Madrid 14 foot shot, from the data point of view, the gap between the two teams and no 0-3 score so obvious, but in the number of shots, Liverpool only poor 2, far behind the Real Madrid 7, show the gap. And as the Liverpool game starting center Andrew Balotelli played 45 minutes, to complete the 2 foot shot, second only to Coutinho’s 3, ranked second on the team. But 2 shots of Balotelli, no threat to Casillas, because all were back directly blocked.

After the end of the first half of the referee Rizzoli blew the whistle, Balotelli while on the way back to the locker room, swapped shirts with Real Madrid player Pepe, want to know at the time on the field the score is Liverpool 0-3 backward, and this is the Champions League the key battle, but at half-time, Balotelli still think exchange shirts things, like yourself the court is not a warrior, but one of the participants in the warm-up match fans who. More interestingly, the bar of God to find shirt object is not C, J Luo Luo such popular player, but the real evil Han Pepe, which undoubtedly some obscure.

Balotelli was strongly criticized the move immediately to the Liverpool fans, assistant coach once Thompson to Balotelli and Pepe’s behavior is very dissatisfied, as the sky sports commentary guest, Thompson from the lens to see players exchange shirts, he commented: “this is very shameful behavior, two players move very shameful, they exchange shirts at half-time, let other players think?”Perhaps you are finding the”>fifa 15 coins, and you are always welcome to our website to buy the fifa 15 ultimate team coins.When see off the red shirt is Balotelli, Thompson said: “is he? What did he want?

Messi vs Cristiano Ronaldo

Messi vs Cristiano Ronaldo

The comparisonSkill: Messi is a god gifted player, one of a kind really. The Argentinian is probably the most difficult player to stop given his speed, dribble and quick feet. Messi relies on his technique for almost every action of the game, since he is short and skinny. Messi has proven to be capable of shooting from long distance and scored a few free kicks. Ronaldohas it all, as well as Messi, but relies on his power and strength to pass through opponents rather than an outstanding dribble (although he has a lot of tricks up in his sleeve too). Ronaldo takes free kicks as they were penalties and has a powerful shot from long range. Verdict: it’s a tie. Both of them can shine alone though they use different approaches on how to do it. Whereas Messi is more dangerous with the ball on his feet, Ronaldo is more of a menace in set pieces.

Tactical utility: Messi can play both on the wing and the middle but is much more effective on the former. The Argentinian can outshine any player on the center of the field, creating chances for his colleagues or finishing the plays himself. Although he can play any of the attacking positions, putting Messi on the box alone may turn him into a less effective player. Ronaldo plays anywhere as well but can be more effective on the box than Messi given his height and strength. On other hand, Ronaldo is far less a team player relying on his individual play to either run great distances with the ball or shooting from a long range. Verdict: Ronaldo, by little advantage. Both can play anywhere on the attack and both have great off the ball movements but Ronaldo has proven to be capable of playing in 3 different countries with the same quality whereas Messi is yet to be seen if can fit in any league (that’s the only difference).

Titles and records: Messi has always been a Barcelona player and won it all at a club level back to back La Liga titles, 3 Champions League trophies, 2 Fifa World Club Cups and 2 Uefa Super Cups. At national level, Messi won the Summer Olympics in 2008. Messi won the pichichi trophy (best goalscoring player in Spain) once. Ronaldo, on his hand, won trophies with 3 different clubs: Sporting Lisbon, Manchester United and Real Madrid. In those 3 clubs, Ronaldo won 1 Champions League, 1 Fifa World Club Cup and 4 league trophies. At his national team, Ronaldo reached European Cup’s final in 2004. Ronaldo won the Pichichi trophy (breaking an outstanding Hugo Sanchez record) and the Premier League Goalscorer once each. Won the Golden Boot twice in his career as well. Verdict: Messi, by a small advantage. The Argentinian won more trophies both at club and national level but Ronaldo broke more records and won trophies playing for 3 different sides.

Final verdict:Messi and Ronaldo are both great players and debates will continue forever, even after they end their careers. People cannot tell frankly that one is far better than the other it will always depend on which one you like more, which one is more successful and which one is more of a nice guy. Until now Messi won more titles and awards than Ronaldo but they are both respected and feared the same way. Ronaldo is a legend in Manchester, Messi is a legend in Barcelona but they’re both yet to be legends on their own nations Portugal and Argentina still wait for them to lead their national sides to glory.

My personal verdict is: enjoy both. They’re both one of a kind.

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Pandiani 2 years ago from Denmark

I think the media will determine, who will be the best when we reach the summer of 2014. Especially if one of them fails to lead his nation into the knock out rounds of the world cup.

They are both considered the best players in the world. And I think, it will have a great symbolic value whoever gets furthest in the cup. The WC will decide this one, maybe. If they both fail to achieve great things on 2014 WC then you’ll have to look at European Cup and Copa America performances, but that’s not enough to determine who’s the best. I think that without WC glory, as Maradona, Pel and Zidane, neither of them will achieve legend status in, let’s say, 60 years.