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Habbo Guides: How to Survive a Hab Hunger Games

Today, let us continue our Habbo guide, I will use another new useful guide for you. Our website do not only prepared large amount of Habbo guide for you, but also prepared enough Habbo Coins for you.

In the rare event that the rooms of habbo will be divided into 12 districts, I Flinnick have created a list of top tips to survival in a Hab Hunger Games.

You need to build yourself some kind of shelter, this will not only keep you safer from other habbos but giving you a lesser chance of dying from exposure.

I would not advise hiding in bushes/tree’s as it gives your opponent on advantage.

Food is your best friend. Make sure you learn how to hunt and keep a good supply of food. Nothing worse than surving on an empty stomach!

At last in the games you need allies, nobody wants to be the first one hunted down, choose wisely.

From what I have mentioned above, though there is little ways that you can provide for you guys and some of them maybe not much useful for you, now if you have any great ideas or suggestions, you can contact with us or release it on the forums of Habbo.

The Way to Get in Any Roller Que Easily

Are you been excited to get in any roller que? If you do, now let us have a look on the steps. If you have more suggestion on the ways, you can also contact us by email. Our website is not only a professional website that provide gamers the guides of Habbo, but also specialized selling Habbo Coins, here you can buy cheap Habbo Coins with such a low price.

Step1: Look at the person at the end of the que. The person between you, and you being in the que. Rest your mouse on the roller in front of that person.

Step2: wait until the que starts moving. Use this time to start clicking a bunch on that roller. Just to get warmed up.

Step3: Look at everyone in front of that person rolling ahead. Wait for the perfect moment when the person in front of you is about to roll and, SPAM CLICK THE ROLLER IN FRONT OF THEM AS FAST AS YOU CAN.

Step4: look back at the spot you were once in, and laugh at the people who didn’t make it in.

Try to time your clicks, so you only click under the roller in front of the person literally a millisecond before they start rolling. The trick behind this tactic is that when you do this, right after the person rolls forward your click finally registers and you move forward too. Remember to buy cheap Habbo coins on our homepage

How to Be an Excellent Habbo Mentor

You may have already seen some guide about how to be a good Habbo mentor or something, but today’s guide must be different from what you have seen before. If you need in game currency, Habbo Coins, you can come to our website, to gain the Habbo Coins.

Now let us begin our topic. First of all, be outgoing and active in the community – you will meet and get to know many different people and experience many different things that you can learn to apply to your future experience in Habbo.

Learn the Habbo Way. Always know what’s right and what’s wrong and when you can identify wrong behavior and correct it or report it if necessary.

Learn the Habbo Way. Always know what’s right and what’s wrong when you can identify wrong behavior and correct it or report it if necessary.

Find out fun game and events that you can show other Habbos so they can also enjoy their time on Habbo and invite others to play it. This creates a larger community for Habbo and also makes you friends.

Join or participate in a Habbo fansite for regular events and good information on what to do on Habbo and invite other Habbos to participate – these events generally have a lot of people show up and you can make a lot of new friends and also teach them enjoying their selves.

Last but not least, have fun! Habbo is meant to be fun for both you and anyone you teach! Now remember to buy Habbo coins on our website when you need.