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Brazil keeps getting away with more than two hands

Brazil keeps getting away with more than two hands

Brazil keeps getting away with more than two hands.

If you happened to be watching Brazil vs. Portugal, you might have noticed something weird in keeper Julio Cesar’s back after he and Meirelles collided. It was some kind of steel rod support for his injured back. According to FIFA article 4, it’s illegal for players to wear any kind of equipment that can be dangerous to the player wearing it or to others. This is the reason players can’t wear chains around their necks, or rings in their fingers, since these things can get caught with other players cleats, goal nets, etc., and result in freak accidents.

The Brazilian medics did not in fact check with the referee about this for fear of an incident, nor did the ref make any fuzz about it. After the match was over, they hid these rods in the commemorative flags the teams exchanged at the start of the match. Julio Cesar had been having some back pain leading up to the World Cup after a friendly with Zimbabwe.

What’s funny is that the Brazilian coaching staff was ready to make a fuzz about Didier Drogba’s arm cast after the Ivorian player suffered a broken arm in a friendly against Japan, before the start of the World Cup.

Sounds like a double standard with a twist of irony.

Since picking up your first crayon, chances are you had a favorite, or dominant, hand. That hand gets you through the day, taking care of everything from writing to eating. If you ever been forced to rely on your “wrong hand”, you know how uncomfortable and unwieldy it feels.

Yet this awkward hand could be the key to keeping your cool.

The next time you want to relax, forgo the yoga and meditation and pick up a spoon with your non dominant hand. Practice using this “wrong hand” for the next few weeks, and you might find yourself a little calmer the next time road rage strikes. Changing.

Check out this video tutorial to see how to construct an alarm system, that based on the principle of motion detectors, which work by touch. It very useful to catch unpleasant visitors red handed. So make sure your chocolate bar never gets snagged again, catch the bandits with a motion detector alarm! Or just keep you kids away from the birthday present closet where peeping is not allowed.

Get some sticky tape, a battery, a mini buzzer, twenty paper clips, aluminum foil, and electric cable, and two straws. This is what you will make your security device with, believe it or not.

where can i watch the Ivory Coast vs Portugal football soccer team FIFA Live Streaming Online

where can i watch the Ivory Coast vs Portugal football soccer team FIFA Live Streaming Online

The Group of Death kicks off with Portugal taking on Ivory Coast. Watch ReplayThe second spot in Group G may now come down to which of them can steal a point from probable group winners Brazil, or which runs up a bigger goal margin on North Korea.

The game was played at a fast pace, and there were a fair share of scoring opportunites. But ultimately defense had the upper hand. Ivory Coast swarmed over the heralded Portuguese midfielders, limiting their passing game, while Portugal choked off the best efforts of the Ivory Coast wingers to find men in the box.

Ivory Coast and Portugal will make another historical record today at Port Elizabeth stadium in South Africa.

Both teams will try their level best to get victory. The match will be very charming and full of excitement. Ronaldo will put his full effort to pressurize the opponent.

He will have to make several counter attacks to spread supremacy over his rival team. On the other hand, the captain of Ivory Coast named Drogba will not be allowed to play in this match as he has got bone injury. Therefore, the team will suffer a lot due to his absence.

Brazil’s FIFA World Cup Squad Worth ‘Half a Billion’

Brazil’s FIFA World Cup Squad Worth ‘Half a Billion’

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil: Brazil’s 23 strong World Cup squad is worth an estimated half a billion euros, Brazilian financial daily Valor reported Thursday, a day after Luiz Felipe Scolari named his list.

According to a calculation by Pluri Consultoria consultants, the squad, led by Barcelona superstar Neymar, is worth 514.23 millions euros.

A pre announcement in April estimated had valued the potential squad at 470.2 million behind reigning world champions Spain (486.9 million) and Argentina (474.1 million).

The April estimates made Argentina and Barcelona star Lionel Messi the most expensive player for the June 12 July 13 tournament starting with a price tag of 138.1 million euros ahead of 107.3 million for Portugal and Real Madrid striker Cristiano Ronaldo.

Taking estimated marketing pulling power into account, Neymar himself was only given a value of 67.4 million euros ahead of Germany and Bayern Munich forward Mario Goetze (59.7 million).

The Brazilian media, meanwhile, pored over Scolari’s choices which contained no major surprises, as he had been expected to leave out former world players of the year, Kaka and Ronaldinho.

Milan’s Robinho also failed to make the group. “Felipao opted for a family with ambition,” was the front page headline from Estado de Sao Paulo while Folha de Sao Paulo greeted “the new family” one containing only six players with previous World Cup experience.

Even so, the average age is 28.4 years old compared with 26.7 when a side coached by Scolari and inspired by Ronaldo, Rivaldo and Ronaldinho lifted the 2002 trophy in Japan.

In addition, the team is unlikely to be very different from the one which has already tasted tournament success on home soil, at last year’s Confederation’s Cup, when a tired Spain were sent packing in the final.

Folha de Sao Paulo noted the squad’s relative lack of World Cup experience was unparalleled since that of the 1950 side, which lost the trophy match in Rio to Uruguay.

But the paper picked up on Scolari’s insistence that “these youngsters have more ambition” than 30 somethings who have passed their peak.

“Green but with hunger,” was Folha’s judgment. The squad can also point to experience aplenty at club level with league titles earned in 11 countries assuming Fernandinho can complete the job on Sunday with Manchester City.

Whereas in 2002 when more than half the squad was home based, only four of the 2014 vintage play club football in Brazil strikers Fred and Jo and reserve goalkeepers Jefferson and Vitor.

Back then, as Brazil made it five tournament wins by winning the first Cup to be hosted in Asia, Corinthians and Sao Paulo provided the most players to the squad with three each.

This time, Chelsea supply four, the biggest single contingent in the shape of David Luiz, Oscar, Willian and Ramires.

Much has been made of whether European sides will be able to adapt to the heat despite this being the Brazilian ‘winter’ of some venues such as Manaus in the Amazon region and where England will start their campaign against Italy.

But the Brazil squad can point to their huge experience gained in winning club titles at all points of the European compass from Spain and Portugal, via England, Germany and Belgium to Russia and Ukraine.