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Why Did Qatar Win 2022 FIFA World Cup Bid and Why Did America Lose

Why Did Qatar Win 2022 FIFA World Cup Bid and Why Did America Lose

Just over an hour ago, FIFA announced the winning country’s bid for the FIFA World Cup 2022 and that winning country was Qatar. For the first time, the FIFA World Cup will be held in the Middle East and much of the world is thrilled about it. America, of course, lost its bid for the 2022 FIFA World Cup. A huge surprise for many Americans it seems, but not remotely a surprise to most people outside the US. With Qatar, and much of the rest of the Middle East the winners, and America the losers, why did Qatar win the honor of hosting the 2022 FIFA World Cup and America didn’t? FIFA World Cup Never Hosted In Middle East Before As the world gets ever bigger and the American centric and Euro centric worlds are coming to an end, it’s about time the FIFA World Cup was hosted somewhere in the Middle East. Middle Eastern countries are obsessed with football. Most Americans couldn’t care less. So it made little success to hold it in yet another Western country, when a Middle Eastern country had worked so hard to get it and its people wanted it.

Qatar Created An Amazing Bid and Presentation You could see right from the beginning, Qatar wanted this. A bid that, at the beginning, seemed somewhat impossible due to the country’s intensely hot climate Qatar averages 40 degrees (104 degrees Fahrenheit) in the summer Qatar pulled out all the stops to show they can create a successful World Cup nobody will ever forget. Even if the country is hot.

Qatar’s presentation showed they will build at least three new stadiums and renovate others. They will also create “carbon neutral technology”, that will be used to cool match venues and training sites. Their bid, in fact, shows how much new construction they will be doing to be able to host the World Cup and, as they’re one of the richest countries in the world, they certainly have the money for it. In fact, Qatar winning the bid will bring in at least $14 billion new money to Qatar and other Middle Eastern countries, due to all the construction that will take place to prepare for it.

America, on the other hand, talked about how they already have all the infrastructure in place. Not really that inspiring.

Qatar Will Recycle Stadiums In Developing Countries After World Cup Ends One thing the FIFA World Cup committee really liked was Qatar saying the new stadiums would be built out of modular style building materials. This means, after the World Cup in 2022, Qatar will donate several of their stadiums to developing countries. This prevents Qatar being stuck with stadiums it will never use again, something that’s happened in the past in other countries, and will also gives developing countries a chance to have a world class football stadium a chance they may not have otherwise.

On the other hand, America’s presentation didn’t have anything particularly innovative. Hard to compete with a country like Qatar when that’s all you can do, but this type of presentation actually seems to be the ‘norm’ for America lately. Something akin to, “we’re really powerful and have all the infrastructure, so we deserve it. Choose us”. Yawn.

America’s Anti Islamic Atmosphere Hasn’t Gone Unnoticed Much of the world now realizes how anti Islamic and how racist many Americans are towards Muslims. Many Americans might think it’s acceptable to call Muslims “terrorists” and be discriminatory towards them. Much of the rest of the world doesn’t. So, America’s racism towards Muslims hasn’t gone unnoticed but, with the FIFA World Cup 2022 bid, has gone unrewarded.

Rewarding it to a Muslim country wasn’t all about football either. That’s for sure.

WikiLeaks Likely Didn’t Help With all the WikiLeaks releases lately putting America in an extremely bad light, it’s not surprising America didn’t win the 2022 FIFA World Cup bid. When memos were released this week showing how Hillary Clinton directed diplomats to spy on allies, and other diplomats called America’s supposed ‘allies’ rude names, America’s allies might say “It’s okay” in public but really, it’s not.

I’ve lost count of people I’ve met in the last week who’ve talked about what a terrible country America is and what a scummy government they have (I live outside the US) so, that the FIFA Executive Committee decided not to vote for America nope, no surprise there either.

The FIFA Executive Committee consists of members like England’s Geoff Thompson, (American diplomat memos slammed the UK’s prime minister this week), Michel Platini from France (France’s president was called rude names by US diplomats too), Russia’s Vitaly Mutko (US memos showed Americans diplomats making condescending comments about the Russian Prime Minister, Vladimir Putin) and Thailand’s Worawi Makudi (Thailand was just bullied by the US into extraditing a prisoner they didn’t want to extradite to the US and WikiLeaks memos released today proved the bullying).

Now, if you were on the FIFA Executive Committee and knew a member of your government had been spoken about by the Americans like they were dirt under their shoes or bullied to do something they didn’t want to do, would you be voting for America’s FIFA World Cup bid? Not bloody likely.

All in all, although somewhat of a surprise Qatar, a country of only 1.7 million people, won the 2022 FIFA World Cup bid, it’s not an unwelcome one. Qatar will likely do an incredible job too. In fact, I’m thinking I might be planning a trip. I primarily w. View profile

Why Atlanta, GA Should Host the World Cup in 2022The US is competing to host the 2022 FIFA (The Federation Internationale de Football) World Cup ‘” against Australia, Korea Republic, Qatar, and Japan.

The Moral Decline of FIFA

The Moral Decline of FIFA

Even though FIFA has promised swift and aggressive action regarding the corruption allegations against members of its executive committee, Sepp Blatter’s unopposed re election confirms that it’s going to be business as usual. 2 top level FIFA executives have now been suspended based on initial evidence of bribery provided by US Soccer representative Chuck Blazer. With most people still trying to get a grip on why FIFA gave Qatar the World Cup in the first place, there is now a whole new set of questions regarding the way the organization handles its business.

It’s difficult to believe there isn’t one person in the World who cares about the World’s game enough to seek the job of FIFA President. With only one name on the ballot (this doesn’t even happen in nations with dictators), Blatter once again took the reigns of the multi billion dollar business of international soccer. This is troubling because it effectively puts a halt to any major reforms a new President would surely bring to the organization.

Last time I checked, Qatar is not exactly the hotbed (outside of their temperature) of international soccer. With every stadium having to be built from scratch then disassembled and dropped off in a developing nation, the decision just seems forced.

Why not pick a soccer crazy country that already has at least close to the necessary infrastructure needed to support the greatest tournament in the world? The Qatar contingent spared no expense in their bid to bring the tournament home but it was the other modern nations that made it reality. Eager contractors from Germany amongst other nations now have billion dollars building the infrastructure to support the tournament.

2. Dirty Dealins’

Not only is the tournament’s location likely being guided by the private business community, the focus is on profits instead of helping people and making the game possible for everyone on the planet. This is a great movie that explores the questionable financial directives of the organization:

World Cup Soccer in Africa: Who Really Wins

Sepp’s nephew Phillipe Blatter is the CEO of a company called Infront Sports and Media who has routinely received major contracts at every World Cup since 2006.

The point is that FIFA is the only game in town and they are using that power to run it as they please. The executives need to remember they work for a government of sorts and not big business. The focus should be spreading the game and helping people in the process, not getting rich.

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5 Reasons Why Qatar Should Not Host The World Cup

5 Reasons Why Qatar Should Not Host The World Cup

supporters would also suffer having to endure such humid conditions.

It has been mooted the competition could be organised for a winter schedule, but this would not suit the money generating tournaments from the leading football nations or FIFA’S own money spinner,The Champions League.

Claims were also made that $1.5m was paid to FIFA executive committee members Issa Hayatou and Jacques Anouma who voted for the Qatar bid.3 Qatar LawsQatar is a sovereign country and have every right to expect all visitors to respect their laws and traditions.

For men shorts should cover the knees and clothes in general should be respectful and not have rude or inappropriate slogans or images.

Bathing suits and bikinis can be worn around pool areas, but not whilst walking around in public areas.

Public displays of affection are also frowned upon, so I don’t know what they will make of the modern footballer’s celebration!

4 Treatment Of Migrant WorkersMany people who have worked in the oil and gas industries will have been paid good money for their knowledge and skills,but this is not so for the migrant construction workers they get paid an average of 100 (600 riyals) a month.

Construction companies use the Kafala system where the workers are exploited by the employers who sponsor their visas. Workers are lured there under false pretences and on arrival they have their passports confiscated and found they have been lied to about their salary and conditions.

work an 18 hour day.

made to work in Qatar’s 45 degree summer temperatures despite it being against the country’s labour laws to work in the summer between 11.30am and 3pm.

sleep 10 15 in small, dilapidated rooms in run down worker accommodation camps.

go unpaid by employers for six months at a time and many are prevented from actually leaving the country for months on end.

Football players.

Should Qatar Host 2022 World CupShould Qatar Host 2022 World Cup YES NOSee results without voting

There will be calls for Nations to boycott Qatar 2022, but this is unlikely to happen there is too much money at stake and too many global companies involved, and FIFA are just another multi national company in another form. They have their own rules.