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Pros and Cons

Pros and Cons

This World Cup has been disappointing in some aspects, and stunning in others. There have been many controversial features, the most worrisome being a mischievous ball (Adidas Jabulani), even the name sounds malicious, and some very frustrating calls by some, in my opinion, biased referees, whom I think call fouls on this or that team by the mood they’re in. What is the point of watching the 2010 FIFA World Cup if you aren’t loving what you see. Another thing that is very much in the way of an exciting World Cup is that the team favorites are not performing not even close to what is expected of them. I have a couple examples of this. England is a huge favorite among soccer fans around the world. An early goal by Steven Gerrard gave them the lead. Then, five minutes before the half was over, Clint Dempsey shoots. The goalkeeper isnt able to hold on to the ball, and it slips away from his hands. England goes on to tie, again, with Algeria. Really England? Rooney, Gerrard, and Lampard and this is all they accomplish. Another example, the team that almost won the last World Cup, France. They were also huge favorites, and probably still are, tie they’re first game, against Uruguay. Was this expected? No. If there is anybody who expected France, to tie with Uruguay, then I would like to hear they’re argument, because they must be either psychic or just had a feeling. Anyways, let them tie. One game, thats all right? Nope. They’re next game, they are up against Mexico. OK France, the world thinks you can pull off a win, I think, not that I am the spokesperson for the world. Lets assume. Well, our France goes and loses. Two to nil. Again, the have Henry, Ribery, Malouda, and Nasri. A very dcevant performance. OK, enough of the sad stuff. Some things, I must admit, have kept me on the edge of my seat. Argentina, and they’re little wizard, Lionel Messi have been taking control of the most exciting play. They’re two wins, over Nigeria and South Korea, have been enough to prove that they are definitely in contention for the World Cup.

It seems to me, every time the ball goes down they’re opponents end of the pitch, I’m as alert as an alarm clock on a monday morning. Lionel Messi, and Gonzalo Higuain are definitely proving to be a tough duo. Also, though this isn’t a good thing, I’m going for Portugal, even though they arent looking sharp. Cristiano Ronaldo hasnt made anything happen, save from an offside goal, and a seat rocking shot, from just outside the penalty box, that hit the pole, and I must say, the goalkeeper was nowhere near the ball. And also, even though I have contradicted them, Uruguays defeat of South Africa was an exciting match, just to be superficial. Brazil looks like it is holding its own, in the Group of Death, but they still have another match coming up. Well, it seems like there have been more cons than pros, but the FIFA World Cup is definitely worth the watch. It’s where soccer legends are made, and history is written.

FIFA World Cup Soccer South Africa 2010 Germany Uruguay Battle for Third Place Paul Oracle Octopus

FIFA World Cup Soccer South Africa 2010 Germany Uruguay Battle for Third Place Paul Oracle Octopus

This weekends world cup fixtures will showcase the tussle between Group A and D on Saturday and Group E and Group H on Sunday. Funny but true that it is the first (Group A) and last (Group D)group of the first four groups (ABCD) and the first (Group E) and last group (Group H) of the last four groups that will be playing. So that leaves us with Saturday Groups A, D, E, and H. Today I officially decree that SADEH is short for South African Destiny Enthrones Holland.

Miroslav Klose summed it up best when he said that winning as a team is more important than establishing personal records during the world cup competition. Paul the oracle Octopus has selected Spain to beat Germany. However, predicting a winner is different from being the winner. It will indeed be a hotly contested game on a cold winters night in the nelson Mandela Bay Stadium in Port Elizabeth. My gorgeous daughter will actually be attending the game; how I envy her context.

Never on a Sunday means that you have not made it to the final. The fact that Germany and Uruguay will be playing on Saturday does not mean that the game is of lesser value; just that it is the playoff for third and fourth place. I sincerely hope that that known villain and soccer handballer will not play in this game. He does not deserve a spot on the team. I think Uruguay will be better off without him.

Uruguay from Group A, drew with France, beat South Africa and Mexico, beat Korea and Ghana beat Ghana, was beaten by the Netherlands and so Uruguay plays on Saturday against Germany. Germany from Group D lost to Serbia, beat Australia and Ghana and lost to Spain and so Germany plays on Saturday against Uruguay.

It will indeed be a sad game as the nostalgia will finally dim. Folks will realize that all good things have to end. All the hype, all the rush, all the adrenalin, all the tension twill soon be over for the next four years. I would like to wish Brazil well as they prepare to host the next world cup in 2014. I am sure that they will take many lessons learned from us fun South Africans.

And then we turn our attention to Sunday. Wesley Sneijder says Holland from Group E must win against Spain from Group H because he wants his team to win. The form guide would indicate that Holland is the only unbeaten team to play this weekend. Right now I am more focused on the closing ceremony because my nerves just cannot take it anymore. I have no nails left and that includes toe nails.

No matter what you say, think or do with your vuvuzela, the giant vuvuzela on the unfinished highway in Cape Town has been certified by officials of Guinness as the biggest horn in the world. Some say the noise is a nuisance, others say it disturbs the birds others say it is just black noise.

2014 FIFA World Cup draw not kind to England

2014 FIFA World Cup draw not kind to England

London: Roy Hodgson conceded England face a daunting task to qualify for the knock out stages of the World Cup after being drawn in one of the strongest groups at next year’s tournament in Brazil. (Read: Spain, Netherlands drawn together for 2014 FIFA World Cup)

Hodgson’s side were pitted against Italy, Uruguay and Costa Rica in Group D and the England coach could only manage a wry smile when he learnt his team’s fate while watching Friday’s draw in Costa do Sauipe.

Even more revealing was the reaction of English Football Association chairman Greg Dyke, who was seen shaking his head and drawing his finger across his neck in a cut throat gesture that suggested he has little confidence in England making it to the last 16.

Hodgson admitted he would have preferred an easier group, but claimed he had already prepared for the worst given the quality of so many of the 32 teams.

“It’s a tough group, there’s no doubt about that. In Italy and Uruguay it’s almost as though we have got two number one seeds in our group,” Hodgson told the BBC.

“Italy were very unlucky not to be seeded in the first eight. We know how good Italy are because we lost to them in the quarter finals at the Euros.

“There were not going to be many scenarios where we were going to be jumping for joy. It doesn’t surprise us.

“I suppose one positive is that we have only got one long trip, then the other two are in the same neck of the woods.”

Hodgson’s side will open their Group D campaign against Italy in the tropical heat of Manaus on June 14.

They then head to Sao Paulo to play Uruguay on June 19 and the final group fixture is against Costa Rica in Belo Horizonte on June 24.

Hodgson has already confirmed England will base themselves in Rio de Janeiro for the tournament.

Manaus is a five and a half hour flight from Rio and is located in the Amazonian rain forest, with 99 percent humidity.

On the plus side for England, it is just over 200 miles to Sao Paolo and less than 300 to Belo Horizonte, where they famously lost to the United States in a 1950 World Cup upset.

“The good thing is that we know each other and the other thing in our favour is that the game we have got in the north, where the conditions are going to be tough climatically, is against another European team so we are both going to be in the same boat,” Hodgson said of the Italy clash in Manaus.

“There were many scenarios when I would be thinking this is going to be very tough for us.

“To get one that is a bit tougher doesn’t surprise me at all because there is a lot of travelling to be done in most of the groups.

“Our great advantage is being based in Rio means we only have one long trip.”

Italy beat England on penalties in the Euro 2012 quarter finals, while a Uruguay team featuring Liverpool striker Luis Suarez will also pose a stern test.

The bookmakers were quick to give a downbeat verdict on England’s chances, with the team drifting from 25 1 to 40 1 to win the World Cup following the draw.

While many fear England will be up against it, Manchester United forward Wayne Rooney struck a defiant tone as he assessed the draw.

“If we want to be the best, we have to beat the best. Tough group but really looking forward to it! Roll on Brazil 2014!” Rooney said.

Arsenal midfielder Jack Wilshere followed Rooney’s upbeat stance and wrote on Twitter: “Tough group. But so what? If we want to win it we will have to play the best teams anyway.”