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Super black gold empire gold lining avoid corruption must be done to strengthen supervision

FIFA president Sepp Blatter by Swiss prosecutors alleged criminal check, buy fifa coins which is probably the most compelling international sports over the past week of a message. Over the years, football, with its “first movement” charm to become the most gold absorption capacity in the world of sports, a high degree of professionalism and market sense to fight the world football “Golden Empire”, but because of the lack of effective supervision and comply with the order of the times, “football empire” encounter corruption and other toxins erosion in its Golden Age ushered in the occasion, President Blatter from “tumbler” change “cloth down Weng”, the public and the majority of people who love football can no longer be tolerated International football degeneration “black gold empire”, both related to the overall interests of world football, football is the inevitable result of the role of law.


Seven were arrested in Switzerland, FIFA officials suspected of corruption, there are three people were allowed to extradite to the United States for trial, although Blatter and his former colleague, FIFA Secretary General Walker ut coin traders more than once in public, parties express support for an impartial investigation of alleged corruption FIFA action, but with Werner and Walker himself and other FIFA officials have been sacked, the public, the fans, the media is more skeptical than ever, FIFA corruption may have formed some kind of scale, if so a highly developed, careful collaboration of top international social organizations a “large area of ​​ulceration,” then fester source where perhaps more than a few officials arrested more far-reaching, so Blatter is suspected until the investigation, even in the face of possible prison disaster becomes logical judgment. Blatter has no crime, according to the judiciary “the Conflict,” the investigators principle, there is no conclusive evidence disclosed, but the Swiss seized the top spot for many years in order to sit in the FIFA stays cloth Father, please go to examination, it seems they have done a considerable homework, or hands indeed, “Father holds short children”, and the public do this not because of great satisfaction to see an old man who has such prestige in the world at the moment but dingy assistance investigation and gloat, but the public interest is football has long been intolerable abuses fifa 16 xbox coins and illegal occupation, as foreign media put it, “a desire to see the country hosting the World Cup lifetime old fans, how can we tolerate the FIFA individual man pocketed the World Cup sold to some other countries the right to host steal, “Blatter for world football, especially the World Cup soccer tournament and other fine contribution to the development of pay can not be denied, but when the fair was occupied by lust, greed become demons drill into the international After FIFA’s atrium, “Football Empire” began to “black gold empire” degeneration, if not timely and effective treatment, then the “disease in the bone marrow,” the international football will be hopeless housekeeper, Hong Kong film “Money Empire” Early this reason children layman interpretation clear.


Before Blatter’s problem may still not troubled by the Chinese fans, on alleged FIFA corruption became public, the Chinese football, because of its practitioners, some managers have been brought to light the ugly legal sanctions, after about five years of environmental governance Chinese football has shown a positive recovery in the new scene, “false, gambling, black” toxins out after the Chinese football has been the fight against corruption and unfair competition immunity. Last weekend, the body of Austrian power in five years 8,000,000,000 yuan price, monopoly of the next five seasons Super League media rights, skyrocketing from 60 million a year more than 15 times per year to 10 billion over league copyright, so that the public see the Chinese football tremendous opportunities, Chinese professional football also seems to “Money Empire” strode direction.


But the World Cup and the FIFA management, modern football, professional football from the date of its birth is inevitably tied to the public interest, the reason why football has the charm of the first movement, precisely because it advocates aggressive fair competition spiritual connotation broad. So when prices after the introduction of eight billion people in addition to exclaim, the more the reflection, how the money come from? In turn how to digest, to ensure that domestic professional football transformed into kinetic energy of the healthy functioning? Austrian power as a corporate body cast after 8 billion, how to achieve legal compliance by means of profit, even if the balance of payments? Seemingly into the golden age of Super League, its athletic level, career-oriented process, the service concept, standardized management tools it is not worth its match? No wonder experienced football corruption case storm several Chinese Football Association 8,000,000,000 Getting older employees, the issue turned out to be lamented “the league so rich, we can get about the rules, regulation must be in place ah.” Click here

‘FIFA 16’ — Early Access Now Available

‘FIFA 16’ — Early Access Now Available

Once a year, EA Sports unleashes its latest game in the soccer franchise, FIFA. This year, FIFA 16 will be the first true next-generation version of the infamous soccer game, and early access is now available.fifa 16 coins for sale

A week before its worldwide release, EA Sports have allowed EA Access subscribers on Xbox One to play the game for a full 10 hours before the launch date. Once the 10 hours are played, the game is locked down again until release. However, it should give the rabid FIFA fans a chance to whet their appetite at the latest incarnation of the massively popular game.

FIFA 16 starts to pull the franchise away from the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3. With features exclusive to the next generation consoles, and the regular tweaking and enhancing that makes each game unique, FIFA 16 looks to be crisper, more authentic, and playable as ever.

For the first time ever, EA also included female international teams in the wake of a much-publicised 2015 FIFA Women’s World Cup. Alex Morgan, who featured heavily in the final victory and helped win the United States Women’s National Team their third World Cup, will grace the cover of the U.S version. Regular FIFA mascot Lionel Messi will grace a majority of covers across the world as well.

The FIFA 16 demo was released last week and has been very popular with fans. fifa 16 coinsNot only did they get a taste of the full game, they were also introduced to a new Ultimate Team mode, as revealed by Digital Spy. Ultimate Team is a digital version of “sticker swapping” — you buy your packs and trade unwanted cards online. You can also use the cards to compile an Ultimate Team to play people around the world. The new mode is called Ultimate Team Draft — entry costs 15,000 in-game coins — and you get to draft a team from a random selection of excellent/average/poor players. Many YouTube accounts have published various videos of the mode, showing its huge popularity.

FIFA launched on the Sega Megadrive (aka Sega Genesis) in 1993. The game was famous for being the first to hold license from FIFA itself, meaning they could use likenesses, player names — although this wouldn’t follow for another three years — official emblems, graphics, and logos. The franchise has been converted into 18 languages and is available in over 50 countries. The series has sold more than 100 million copies worldwide, making it the best-selling sports video game franchise in the world.

FIFA 16 is available on September 22 in the U.S. and September 24 in the fifa 16 coins

our Greek ancestors tyrants against the gods of Olympus

not of my first achievements was to save the galaxy once again, an invasion of superior beings getting unite the most diverse races in the galaxy which, by the way, is
not having very good consideration to us humans . I also helped (my way) to our Greek ancestors tyrants against the gods of Olympus, although I have to admit that it
could have been a more delicate poquto. I have been world champion, and did not settle for the World Cup as others, but I have also pointed out that Fernando Alonso
failed Arabian competitions and more available to very few. I have fought in several wars, always doing good in here (although I am not clear what was going through my
head) and in a little further. I could have brought chaos to the Wild West, but decided that the law will reign in those lands.

But as you see I know you all, I have to admit that I have allowed some deliz. I started the year you astray by leaving an attractive witch? But she had good intentions
for the world! I let out my unsporting side on more than one race. I undid all the work my father to bring peace to the kingdom of Albion and frighten all my people. I
had in my hands the lives of others and I can not claim to have been right all should. Once again, and go many years already, I have returned to succumb to the guitar
riffs to become an eccentric rock star and the night owl of all DJs.

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