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World Cup Top Scorers

World Cup Top Scorers

Little needs to be said of Pele, other than his 12 World Cup goals helped inspire what is hailed as the greatest Brazil side of all time to three tournament victories. Edison Arantes do Nascimento was a genius on the ball, a marvel for his side, and someone who, to many, remains the greatest soccer player to have ever lived. His skill was typical of a Brazilian, but his ingenuity and subtlety was a joy to behold and something that we may never see again, despite what is said of a certain Lionel Messi.

David Cannon / Klinsmann was notorious for more than his goals, as his famous diving celebration has etched itself on modern football. Klinsmann remains the third highest capped player by Germany with 108, and his 47 goals were instrumental in a period when West Germany were a dominant force. You only need to ask Gareth Southgate and England. Amongst his honors lie a World Cup and a European Championship. Klinsmann was a proven goalscorer who went on to manage the national team in the 2006 finals on home soil.

Hultan Archives / Hungarian legend Sandar Kocsis tragically passed away at the age of just 49, but not before he had stamped his mark on football. He was part of the Hungarian side of the 1950s known as the Mighty Magyars, which included the likes of Ferenc Puskas and Zoltan Czibor. With 75 goals in 68 games for his country, Kocsis is worthy of appearing in any World XI, even more so because he was the top scorer in the 1954 finals with 11 including two hat tricks. After hanging up his well seasoned boots, Kocsis turned his hand to management before his life was cut short by leukemia and stomach cancer.

Stu Forster / Batigol, as he is so affectionately known, was a gentle giant and profilic goalscorer for Argentina. His tall frame and agricultural facial hair was a contrast to his graceful, elegant style on the field, and his numbers certainly do his quality justice. Ten goals in World Cups, 56 overall for his country, and a mammoth 168 for Fiorentina made him one of the most feared forwards in the world during his time. Even in his final venture as a footballer, in Qatar with Al Arabi, did he continue to cut the mustard. Batigol was a superstar for La Albiceleste and a constant fixture on my bedroom wall.

Simon Bruty / It seems a long time ago that Gary Lineker was leading England front line, but Match of the Day favorite son should not be forgotten about. Graham Taylor might have done his best to keep him from the limelight, but it was rare that Lineker wasn the talk of the town when in an England shirt. He is England greatest ever World Cup goalscorer with ten and was an incredibly disciplined player to boot; during his 18 year career Lineker was never cautioned by a referee for foul play, prompting FIFA to award him with the Fair Play Award in 1990. Lineker ended his international career with 48 goals and promptly went on to eat a lot of crisps.

5 Unique Ideas for Planning World Cup Events

5 Unique Ideas for Planning World Cup Events

With the FIFA World Cup Brazil fast approaching in a few weeks, have you thought about planning your own World Cup events? Even for the non soccer fans among us, the World Cup is an international event that unites people everywhere, so planning an event with a World Cup theme is a great way to take advantage of the national (and international) excitement that surrounds it.

My Favorite Ideas for Planning a World Cup Event

This post is specifically about making the most of the World Cup (after all, it only comes around once every four years), but if you want to you can tweak some of these event ideas for a fun soccer themed event at any time.

As the 2014 World Cup is being hosted in Brazil, it the perfect opportunity to take inspiration from the crazy and colorful Rio Carnival (thong swimsuit dress code optional!). With the World Cup Brazil tagline being in one rhythm think samba beats and a dance floor, but unless your event is specifically for dancers, make sure to have other points of focus for those attendees who don feel like shaking their hips. A samba dance troupe for entertainment would be a fantastic idea to get the vibe and rhythm of the carnival, but without the need for anyone to participate if they don want to. Food wise, a Brazilian food buffet with Moqueca de Camar and Misto Quente would be amazing, and don forget the Brazilian cocktails . . . caipirinha anyone?

Planning World Cup events based around live match viewings are always popular, but the timing can be tricky if you aim to show a particular match with a particular team playing. Going for one of the quarter /semi final matches, or even the final, will be an exciting occasion, but that means the date of your event is set in stone, and you never know which teams are going to still be in the running. A clever idea if you want to have big screens at your event, but don want to limit your other options, is to pick a number of exhilarating matches or clips from previous World Cups, and create your own medley that tailored to the event and the attendees.

With 32 teams having qualified for the 2014 World Cup, planning World Cup events that reflect the different countries taking part gives you plenty of scope for themed d entertainment and food. If your venue space, and budget, is big enough, you could have a separate section for each country involved that showcases the nation food and culture. Of course, you don need to use all of the 32 countries for your inspiration; you can pick and choose whichever ones you think will fit best with your event. If your event is based around food you can have so much fun with the different cuisines fish and chips for England, sushi for Japan, tapas for Spain, empanadas for Argentina . . . there are so many great ideas from around the world for attendees to enjoy.

Whether it a corporate team building event or a social event, treasure hunts are the perfect way to inject fun and ice breaking into any event, so why not consider one if you planning a World Cup event? You don even have to make it all about the sport itself, the challenges could be about the various countries involved in the World Cup. Whether it answering questions to get to the next location, or collecting items from each location (the World Cup team countries flags perhaps?), a World Cup treasure hunt is a really entertaining and unique idea for your event.

If your location and the weather permit, an outdoor event should be on your mind if you planning World Cup events. A charity soccer match is the ideal way to complement the World Cup theme, but there are other options for increasing attendee participation. You could have a penalty shoot out for guests to take part in (don forget a prize for the winner), or even a human foosball table for maximum laughs and entertainment.

Former Official Says FIFA Traded TV Rights for Election Help

Former Official Says FIFA Traded TV Rights for Election Help

The former vice president of soccer governing world body said that he was awarded World Cup television rights for as little as $1 in exchange for helping Sepp Blatter win elections for the presidency of FIFA.

Jack Warner, who resigned from FIFA in June amid bribery allegations, said in a statement Thursday that the organization awarded him the 1998 World Cup rights in his native Trinidad Tobago for $1 after he helped Blatter win a “brutal” campaign to become FIFA president.

A former president of regional body CONCACAF and the Caribbean Football Union, Warner also said he was sold the rights for the 2002 and 2006 World Cups after helping Blatter get re elected in 2002, and later bought the 2010 and 2014 rights.

SUMMARYWarner claimed FIFA had vainly made him other lucrative offers if he would support Sepp Blatter, rather than Qatar’s Mohammed bin Hammam.

The accusations are the latest twist to the corruption accusations and infighting that have dogged FIFA throughout 2011.

Asked about Warner’s claims, FIFA said in a statement that “we are currently looking into the matter.”

Once a Blatter ally, Warner switched his allegiance to Qatar’s Mohammed bin Hammam during FIFA’s presidential election this year. After being suspended by FIFA in May, Warner had threatened to unleash a “tsunami” of corruption allegations against the organization.

On Thursday, Warner said in his statement that he and bin Hammam, a former Asian Football Confederation president, had helped Blatter in 2002 by playing “extremely critical roles in his re election as well as in preventing several members of the then Executive Committee from instituting criminal charges against him.” Warner did not give details of the possible charges.

TV rights for the 2010 and 2014 World Cups were “again sold to me personally however using the CFU as the vehicle,” Warner said, adding that they were subsequently resold.

He said the profits, as with previous rights earnings, were used to fund soccer activities in the Caribbean.

Warner’s decision to quit FIFA meant that he avoided an investigation of his alleged role in arranging payments for Caribbean voters during bin Hammam’s presidential campaign a bribery scandal that subsequently led to the Qatari challenger’s life ban from soccer. Bin Hammam withdrew his bid after the scandal emerged in May.

In his statement Thursday, Warner claimed FIFA had vainly made him other lucrative offers if he would support Blatter, rather than bin Hammam, in the election.

“In 2011, in exchange for my support (and by extension the support of the CFU and the CONCACAF) in the FIFA presidential election, the FIFA again offered me the sale of the World Cup Rights for 2018 and 2022 as a ‘gift’ at a nominal fee,” Warner said.

FIFA also agreed to give CONCACAF a combined total of $1 million for two soccer development projects, Warner claimed.

“Notwithstanding the inducements offered, I . refused to endorse Sepp Blatter for the 2011 FIFA Presidential election .” the statement added.

According to Warner, a 28 year veteran of FIFA’s executive committee, there are more revelations to come.

He said that he would make further disclosures next week, including “why I could not support Sepp Blatter’s re election,” and “why Caribbean football will never be for sale.”

The bribery scandal involving Warner and bin Hammam was sparked when whistle blowers from four Caribbean countries reported that cash was offered during bin Hammam’s May 10 visit to Trinidad ahead of the FIFA vote for the presidency.

A video of Warner urging Caribbean soccer leaders to accept their cash gifts was leaked and published on the website of Britain’s Daily Telegraph newspaper.